Fire Prevention

Ridley Park Fire Company’s Fire Prevention Committee’s
aim is to deliver 
an  effective fire prevention program
with age-appropriate lessons for all residents.

In 2012, the Delaware County Firemen’s Association awarded Ridley Park Fire Company
its Andrew Hogan Memorial Fire Safety Education Award,
which has been established to recognize an organization or an individual,
who has developed or contributed to a new or extraordinary program
to teach Fire Safety Education to the general public in the County of Delaware.

So, what exactly does RPFD do for Fire Prevention and Education?

The Fire Prevention Committee is at its busiest during Fire Prevention Week in October,
hosting or visiting over 500 area students from two elementary schools plus various day care centers. 

2012 Class Visit

All classes have a talk about fire safety.
Visiting classes watch a video and then the classes may participate in any of several activities

(such as practicing Stop, Drop, and Roll, touring the fire trucks, and putting out a house “fire” with a child-sized fire hose). 
Every class also receives a bag filled with fun activities and gifts as well as fire safety information to take home to parents.

Topics covered include:

Good Fire (such as birthday candles with adult supervision)
vs. Bad Fire (playing with matches or lighters)

Stop, Drop, and Roll
(while covering the face)

Stop Drop and Roll2

Go to the Firefighter
(a firefighter dresses in full gear and air pack in front of the class 
and then gets a “high-five” from each child to show that firefighters
are there to help and are not scary monsters to run away from.)

Go to the Firefighter

Older classes review past lessons and then learn “Two Ways Out” and ”9-1-1

If your child attends a school in Ridley Park and his or her class did not participate in Fire Prevention Week Activities,
it is never because the Fire Company turned down a request. 
We will visit or host a class for any teacher who asks, and we have made many offers to classes that have been declined. 
Please, speak to the school or your child’s teacher about arranging a fire department visit.


During Fire Prevention Week, the Fire Company also attends Open Houses and Safety Days
for several neighboring fire companies,
and then hosts its own on the Saturday at the end of that week.

FP Open House Group Pic

Mark your calendars: FPW 2014 is October 5th through October 11th and the RPFD’s Open House will be on 10/11.

 FPW Class Putting out Fire             PPFDs Strike Out Fire

Fire Prevention All Year

Community Group Visits

Ridley Park regularly hosts or visits community organizations for all ages. 
These have included Scout Troops, Senior Groups, and after-school programs.


Groups can request specific topics to cover or simply request a basic fire safety talk. 
Participants will always receive a packet to take home.

 If you would like to schedule a group to visit the station, or to have the Fire Company come out to your location,
please fill out and submit the form below.

Bullex Fire Extinguisher Training System

DSC_0127  Bullex

This system is designed to teach participants how to properly use fire extinguishers,
using a propane-fueled fire and censors that can tell when the extinguisher is being used properly. 

The electronic system will not shut down the fire until the participant
aims the extinguisher correctly and for the proper amount of time. 

While many businesses teach employees about proper use of fire extinguishers,
very few every practice with live fire. 

With this system, RPFD can provide the proper training your employees need.

To request an RPFD visit with this system for your business or community organization, please fill out the form below.

Surrey Fire Safety House

Safety Trailer

This Fire Safety Trailer was purchased through a 2013 joint grant, awarded to the 12th District Fire Companies
(Ridley Park, Prospect Park, Eddystone, and Tinicum Township) as well as neighboring Norwood Fire Company.

The trailer is divided into two sections.
The first is a kitchen / living room area with bleacher seating where participants can learn
about general home fire safety with cooking and fireplaces, reinforced by impressive visuals,
such as a realistic-looking fire in a pan on the stove.
The second section features a bedroom where participants learn how to exit safely from a house fire.
The room uses a heated door to feel for fire as well as theatrical smoke,
which is safe to breathe, but which makes seeing difficult (as it would be in a fire).
Participants can practice exiting the bedroom by going out a window.

The trailer also features a Weather Safety Presentation, with thunder, lightning,
emergency weather alerts over the television and radio, and then a power outage.

If you would like to schedule a visit for the Surrey Fire Safety House for your class or community group,
please fill out and submit the form below.