Seasonal Info

Fire Pits / Outdoor Fireplaces

  • Check your surroundings to make sure your fire pits
    has at least 3 feet of open space in every direction
    (check for low-hanging branches from above)
  • Be ready for an emergency by keeping an operating
    garden hose within reach of the fire.


A large number of calls for RPFD this time of year are the results of fire pits.
In some cases, neighbors who are bothered by the smoke will
regularly call 9-1-1 to report “smoke in the area” in the hopes that
the Fire Company will settle the dispute over the fire pit for them.
In other cases, those using the fire pit do a poor job extinguishing
the fire before going to bed.  The smoldering fire then sends smoke
throughout the neighborhood and concerned neighbors call 9-1-1.


Please, if you use a fire pit, be sure to thoroughly extinguish the fire.
If you’re bothered by smoke from a neighbor’s fire pit,
please discuss it with your neighbor to find a solution
(such as relocating the pit or compromising on what days and times they’ll use it)
rather than repeatedly calling in anonymous false alarms to the area.

Mulch and Cigarettes Do Not Mix…..

RPFD has had several brush fires lately resulting from cigarette butts
carelessly tossed into the landscaping outside of business.
It’s very easy to start fires this way, and the smokers are always long gone,
having no idea of the damage they’ve left behind.
Please, dispose your cigarettes responsibly.